09th October 2020

(7pm - 9pm CET)


10th October 2020

(10am - 12pm /2pm - 4pm CET)





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Passion is the extra energy you have at your disposal when you love and cherish what you do. Leaders are able to communicate their vision when they are passionate about the vision in the first place. Every Leader must have a vision and the main task of the Leader is get other people to achieve the vision while the people also achieve their personal goals in life. This is usually tricky because the Team usually have their individual goals and desires as well. Passion is that extra energy that can usually be seen and observed. The Passionate leader is able to utilize his passion and strong belief to empower others while seeing to it that he grows personally at the same time. 



Some years ago Mark received a prophecy that his life would soon change.  “Mark you are going to go through a big change” and shortly after that his life changed dramatically. He moved from a comfortable small church of about 60 members to a much larger church in Leipzig. This event came also with more responsibility. It is said leading a “big” church is expected to bring the satisfaction of success. However, this caused Mark to doubt himself. He had to reassess himself to find out what success really is. Success can only be properly defined when you know your purpose. Mark will be speaking on discovering your purpose during periods of great change. He will also highlight the attitude required to take your call seriously and understand what success is about.


Canon Yemi Adedeji is the CEO of RYA Consultancy. He is Special Assistant to RCCG Europe Continental Overseer on Relational Engagement and UK National Pastor for Christian Social Responsibility. He is an ordained Anglican priest and a pastor at Jesus House London. He is also the Director at the Evangelical Alliance UK, Associate Director at Hope Together UK, an Ambassador for Compassion UK and Cinnamon Network. Canon Adedeji is also a leadership coach, Consultant, Conference speaker, and author. He has vast experience in leadership issues from a spiritual and secular perspective. He is widely traveled and a guest speaker at many Leadership Conferences. He will be sharing his experience and challenging participants to get excited and do something positive.


Funbi Oni-Orisan started her career as an architect, but gave up the building industry to passionately pursue the call of God on her life. She has spent more than 25 years building the lives of people both in the Church and in the Professional world. Her passion is to see people grow strong; mentally, spiritually and emotionally, fulfil their potential and become a positive influence in society. She is an ordained Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God and coordinates the Feast of Esther Germany; a mentoring program for Female leaders in the forefront of ministry, founded by Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye. Funbi is a certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Mentor with the John Maxwell Team and founder and CEO of Coached2Excel Consultancy, where she trains her clients to succeed in the professional world.



The Voices sang last year the Summit's hymn with excellent rendition. The Voices will sing again this year where they will equally lead the participants at the Summit into the presence of God in praise and worship.

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