28th June 2019

(5pm - 9pm)


29th June 2019

(1pm - 6pm)

Pavillon der Hoffnung

Halle 14 Alte Messe

04103 Leipzig





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The Leadership Summit is not only for leaders of organizations, leadership is for you. Leadership is about taking responsibility. Self-Leadership is taking responsibility for your situation in life. Life is changing at a fast pace. Many people are lost in the speed and result to just following the crowd. People are losing out to globalization and there is general dissatisfaction of leadership in politics, social and economic sectors. The formal education you obtained in school does not teach you how to find your purpose in life. You have a current problem to define your purpose, relevance and authenticity in a competitive and changing world.

Your Life’s work requires you to understand the purpose for which you are here on earth. You become relevant when you know the reason why you are here. This Summit will help you slow down and think about your life. You will understand what a vision, dream and purpose is, what are your gifts and talents and how you can determine your purpose and life’s work. It will also show you how to take responsibility for who you are and take positive action.

Our speakers bring a wealth of experience in leadership, mentorship, spiritual visionary and coaching to explain the importance of purpose, dreams, vision and faith. They will explain how this helps you to fulfil your personal goals.



Some years ago Mark received a prophecy that his life would soon change.  “Mark you are going to go through a big change” and shortly after that his life changed dramatically. He moved from a comfortable small church of about 60 members to a much larger church in Leipzig. This event came also with more responsibility. It is said leading a “big” church is expected to bring the satisfaction of success. However, this caused Mark to doubt himself. He had to reassess himself to find out what success really is. Success can only be properly defined when you know your purpose. Mark will be speaking on discovering your purpose during periods of great change. He will also highlight the attitude required to take your call seriously and understand what success is about.


Yemi Adedeji is the CEO of RYA Consultancy, an Anglican Priest and a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is also the Director at the Evangelical Alliance UK, Associate Director at Hope Together UK, an Ambassador for Compassion UK and Cinnamon Network. He has vast experience in leadership issues from a spiritual and secular objective. He is widely traveled and a guest speaker at many Leadership Conferences. He will be sharing his experience and challenging participants to get excited and do something positive.


Funbi Oni-Orisan initially trained as an Architect but has spent the last 25 years building lives. She coordinates the Feast of Esther for the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Germany. The Feast of Esther is a Mentoring Program for Female Leaders and a forum for fellowship, prayer and encouragement. She is a pastor, certified coach and mentor and is currently attending the John Maxwell Leadership Academy. She is also the CEO of Coached2xcel, a business that coaches and teaches executives to realize their goals. Funbi will be sharing on the important role of the coach in achieving great success in all facets of life. She will bring both her personal and work experience to highlight how potential is harnessed and success is achievable.


Thomas Piehler is the pastor of the Ev. Luther Andreas Kirchgemeinde in Leipzig. He is also part of the Executive Team of the Pavillon Der Hoffnung. Pavillon Der Hoffnung is an umbrella Non-Profit Organization involved in tremendous social work in Leipzig. He is also part of the executive team of the International Prayer Room which is an initiative to increase prayer activity in Leipzig. Thomas is a man of clear vision and faith. He will be speaking on the role of vision and faith in fulfilling your purpose. Using his life as an example, he will demonstrate what you can achieve when you believe in yourself and in the help of others.


Artist and Dancer

Sandrine met Jesus about 13 years ago. She was at a worship event and met Jesus. She said, “Jesus touched my heart with a prophetic song and my honour to Him is to be a vessel that brings heaven onto earth” Sandrine is a dancer and interprets worship music into dance expressions. She attended a worship dance school in Paris, France and lives in the creative City of Berlin, Germany. Since her conversion, she has remained open for the creativity of the Spirit and ministers through movement and dance expressions at many events and on various dance projects. She believes that, with movement, it is possible to express the love of God in dimensions that help and support the body of Christ. Sandrine will be ministering in dance at the Leipzig Leadership Summit 2019.


The Voices is a musical group that makes use of their voice to praise and worship. They are articulate and inspiring. Their addition to the program will prepare the atmosphere for the delivery of the teachings. The Voices will also perform the Theme Song for the Summit


(Conference materials will be uploaded during the event)


(Conference materials will be uploaded during the event)


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